Las Vegas Pest Control

Ants can pop up anywhere in your kitchen and are unpleasant to deal with, so call us today and get rid of them forever.

All of our chemicals are toxin free and safe for children, the elderly and household pets.

Everyone loves the fact that we have a bug spray service with no contract and a great low price.

We use the safest pesticides available on the market today to ensure your family and pets are safe.

Small children are often times oblivious to the dangers of bugs and spiders, so they are more likely to be bitten.

Many times people can stop cockroaches from entering the home if they remove them from the outside of their home before they enter.

We offer a guarantee on our bed bug service and we stand by it no matter how long it takes to get rid of them.

Window screens should be in good condition with no holes to prevent bugs or insects from getting in.

Due to the hot climate and desert living conditions in Summerlin, there are many different species of insects that can be pesky.

If you see a swimming pool that is not being treated with the right chemicals, be sure to report it to avoid mosquitoes or other bugs from breeding.

Garages are the number one cause of rodents gaining entry into your home, so make sure that your garage is cleaned on a regular basis.

The poor quality of hardware store products being sold to get rid of bugs makes it more important than ever to call for our monthly service.

Be careful that mice are not doing damage to your home by chewing there way through things, such as drywall and furniture.

We are experts at removing unwanted guests in your home or business.

Many times people will never actually see a rodent in their house, but droppings are a sure sign of a problem.

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